Sunday, May 27, 2012

System Overload - Rocks Off Demo

System Overload deliver some fast, unpolished hardcore from the Province of Nova Scotia. Got this from the great How Can They Intend To Heal blog. There is a wealth of Canadian hardcore info as well as interviews and more downloads. Check it out.

I Want You To Know That I Hate You


  1. Just wanted to say thanx for all the kick ass music u post! Hope u enjoy posting these tunes as much as I enjoy discovering them!

  2. My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Nice... been looking for anything from these guys for a while now. Saw them live a few times back in the day, nothing really special, but then again, not many bands played Yarmouth back in the day. I remember some dickhead from the town showed up with a sound level gauge and shut the whole thing down for being too loud.

    BTW, this blog absolutely slays! Keep it up Dr. Drunk!

    1. Cool, glad you found it! I think I have some more, I'll check. And thanks for the kind words, even though the Angry Samoans apparently had nothing nice to say about you on their 1st LP!