Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prevaricators - Snubculture

I distinctly remember NOT liking this band back in the day. But when I stumbled onto this L.P. online a few years ago I decided to give it a shot. What the hell was I thinking?!? This is a damn good punk rock L.P.! Download It! Now!!

I'm Not Too Sure Where I Belong


  1. It's fucked that Hunter died. I remember seeing these guys in Richmond. Not really my taste, but, still, not as bad as some shit out there...

  2. Also, thought you might wanna look on here at some of these comps. Not hardcore stuff, but interesting none the less:

    1. Hey Colonel, thought you went M.I.A. I'll check out the site. I spent a few years in Richmond way back when. Did you live there?

  3. Near there. Not M.I.A. just quietly d/l and listening.