Friday, April 26, 2013

Exploited - Horror Epics + Fuck The System

Here's what The Exploited say about... The Exploited:

Riot starting, bouncer bashing, cop baiting, hotel trashing, foul talking, noise making, chaos causing, venue wrecking, government hating, rule breaking, piss taking, unrelenting, punk rocking. Clearly we're not talking about Pepsi adverts here, or indeed the many so-called punk bands that would gleefully sell themselves to such corporate giants for a palm full of silver. Whoo-hoo! The taste of a generation! Fuck off! Let's get one thing straight: The Exploited are not 'punkers' or any of the other cutesy, watered down, MTV friendly names you might want to call them.
The Exploited are punk rock.

Exactly! Here's Horror Epics from '84 and Fuck The System from '03.

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  1. Ha HA , Watty is a mate .I'd like to take a couple a brew with this dude.