Saturday, April 6, 2013

Young Republipukes - How To Be A Teenage Republican 7"

At the time I downloaded this from Down Underground, they knew nothing about this band or release. So I put on my Inspector Gadget outfit and found out... nothing. But it is a good hardcore 7".

Update: A while back Neil, the singer for the Young Republipukes emailed me a brief history of the band. Here it is: the band was started around 1992-93 by myself and 2 others - all from Marshfield, Massachusetts - and 1 person, the drummer, from Plymouth, Massachusetts. we were all in high school at the time and part of a very active scene south of boston - known as "the south shore". my biggest influence at the time was certainly dead kennedys/winston smith, and i wrote the lyrics and made the art for the EP (which we pressed a mere 200 of). we were all interested in black flag, of course, and really just about any and all punk/hardcore that we could discover/get our hands on. but also we were listening to tons of ska and reggae, oi!, etc. we played all over the south shore and throughout new england, as well as in boston, and stopped in 1996 when i moved away. the band continued to play a few shows with a different lineup but not very many. the EP is the only official release, though there was an early cassette, too. not sure i even have a copy of that anymore, though. 

Screw Your Miranda Rights

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