Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flipper - Sex Bomb Baby

Today we have Frisco's Flipper in all their bizarre beauty. Sex Bomb Baby was released in 1987 and is a collection of singles and compilation tracks. And a good collection at that.

The Demand Is A Sacrifice


  1. Hey Dr check out my newest blog.

    1. Good lookin' site ya got there. I've added it to my list here, and fair warning, I'm gonna begin stealing from it heavily!

  2. Awesome info everything from my fone so I'll have my blog co owner add you to our blog roll. And still away matey. I been DL from you for about a year now. This is my 3 rd blog I did death party for 2 years and American psycho for about a year and radio Satan since 2008. But the dogs space is what I am doing most the time. Feel free to repost and take DL whatever u need we there and I love coming here. Anything you may be looking for ask away. We maybe able to help I am a huge psycho, 77 punk, Horror, and early goth junkie. My co owner post a lot of psycho, metal, and punk and rock. But we dig it all.