Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Nig-Heist - If You Love Me... Snort My Load

The Nig-Heist were a bunch of Black Flag roadie's (or anyone else willing to play)  that decided to don wigs, un-don their clothes, and piss off crowds with their songs before Black Flag took the stage. They released this lone L.P. in 1984. They also released a one-sided single and showed up on a comp or two. Some time in the 90's they re-released all of it on a 2 CD set, with the second disc being live stuff. That will make it on here some time in the future, but for now enjoy their heart-warming L.P.

Take In My Meat


  1. Hey thanks man, I always passed this up growing up due to the awful SST label. But damn this is great man. Reminds me of preverted college rock meets punk. Great upload man. Can't thank you enough.

    1. My pleasure nekrodad! But keep in mind, you can't 'un-hear' it!

  2. Please post the 2CD reissue. I am dying to hear it and can't find it anywhere. Thank you.