Saturday, August 17, 2013

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales

While choosing what to post this month I was reminded of a band I liked all those years ago but didn't presently have any of their stuff left. That band is Celtic Frost. Black Metal Gods from Switzerland. I had (and still have for that matter) only heard their foirst couple releases, but dammit I remember loving them. So one quick search later and I found Morbid Tales, their debut. Damn I'm glad I found this again. I knew I liked it but I had forgotten just how powerful this album is. Great stuff, I think. Originally released in 1985, this is 1999 re-issue that contains three extra tracks. Though a bit under-produced, the three bonus tracks shred too.

Are You Morbid?

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  1. Another classic that everyone should own. I finally saw them live on the Monotheist tour. They opened up for Type O Negative. Excellent show, excellent band.