Sunday, August 18, 2013

Venom - Black Metal (Deluxe Edition)

OK, so we discussed Celtic Frost yesterday. But I must say today that I would've never given them a chance had I not been turned on to Venom along the way. Granted, I know the lyrical content is silly but I don't know, there's something about these guys that I really really like. I think they're bad ass. However for some reason I never even tried to listen to any of their stuff after 1985's release, 'Possessed'. Dunno why, just didn't. But here's my favorite Venom release, Black Metal. And it's the 22 track 'Deluxe Edition', because you're worth it!


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  1. Hell yes and thank you, since you did a great job on the WGP 3 comp how about The Abandoned "Killed By Faith"? Ex-Adolescent, Flower Leperds and Modern Industry guys doing early crossover stuff. Thanks again!