Saturday, January 4, 2014

Negative Approach - Total Recall

Hard to believe this powerhouse band only released two EPs. Both classics. Both included on this 1992 compilation. There's also plenty of powerful live stuff. Apparently there was an old unreleased EP that found the light of day a few years ago. Does anyone out there have that one? I'd love to hear it. Thanks.


  1. That EP, "Friends Of No One" is from a lost 1984 rehearsal of unreleased songs. Unlistenable, not because of the songs but the recording itself.


  3. Thanks for uploading that ep Colonel. I slept on picking it up due to the lame cover, didn't even realize it was unreleased demos...thought it was new stuff or something live. I think it's far from unlistenable (Just sounds like an old practice tape....NA always sounded best raw) but I do wish they had stuck around long enough to give these songs a proper recording. Woulda been a great ep these songs rip!