Wednesday, January 15, 2014

YDI - Out For Blood

YDI were bad ass mofos outta Philly. And here's their complete recorded output. Their ripping 1983 7", their two tracks from the Get Off My Back comp, demo tracks from '83 and their widely criticized '85 LP. Speaking of that LP, I found this comment on a more reputable blog. I can neither confirm nor deny its validity, but I think it is worth noting:

Being from Philly and from being familiar with Y-DI, the reason the Black Dust album sounds like it does is that “black dust” was a drug concoction that consisted of PCP, heroin and formaldehyde which was soaked onto parsley flakes and smoked. The members of the band regularly partaked in this drug and the music on this record was written under the influence.


Personally, I like the LP. It's a slab of heavy Grade A sludge.

Why Die?


  1. unknown for me and maybe for most people!!!!...anxious to give it a go ....thx a lot, have fun !!!!

  2. Black Dust is the heat and the missing link between the first wave of American Hardcore and latter-day tough-guy moshcore. It's hard to believe it was considered "metal" when it came out. Punk rockers sure are dumb shits.

  3. FUCK YEA! Y-DI! I call them yidee though.