Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Nig-Heist - Snort My Load

Welcome to 2014! I enjoyed December. Lotsa posts! I'll continue the theme (sort of) this month. As the Compact Disc Age dawned plenty of bands were able to put their complete collection on one or two discs. And that's where our focus lies this month. And we're kicking it off with our old pals Nig-Heist. Back in the late 90's this CD was released, and back in late 2013 I got a request for it. And I'm finally getting around to posting it. Released as a two CD set, the second disc is an hour long compilation of charming live material.


  1. the first link is broken can you fix it, please ?
    THX !!!...

  2. Please post disc 1 again !...the second one is so good that it's a shame if the 1st is not posted....thx again
    i am sorry to bother you again but ...i am surprise about nobody else comment something about it...sorry and thxs again...

  3. i am gonna ask again you be so kind and re post the first record of ''Nig Heist - Snort My Load'', please..i've download the second record and it's a shame to have the release when you have a little time re post the 1st album, please so the album can be complete...i am sorry about my persistence but i want it baddly ...thank you very much for your effort...PS please don't forget this request