Sunday, May 4, 2014

Agression - Don't Be Mistaken

Somehow I made it this far without posting anything from these Oxnard icons. This is their debut from 1983. Actually this version is the reissue that has a couple extra tracks.

Slamming At The Club Just The Other Night


  1. thank you very much!a classic doc!have you got "voodoo economics"the proletariat collection?post it!please!

  2. Also, do you have anything by Grand Mal or Death Ride 69? Thanks, John

  3. THanks man! I wore this one out and had a skateable pool up a half flight of stairs from my bedroom growing up. And we did! My mom kicked us out of the pool (the transitions we pretty steep in that deep end at 10 ft. but my buddy had printed a black and white picture of Ian MacKaye on the curb shot for me and given my some of his Bonemeal skate mag's just so he could skate my folks pool. It worked!@@