Monday, May 19, 2014

Fuck-Ups - F.U. '82

Ready for some sleazy San Francisco punk rock today? I present The Fuck Ups. Here's an awesome band bio from Last Fm:

The Fuck-Ups were San Francisco, US’s ugliest, most hated band of the early 80’s, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Singer Bob Noxious was the bane of the early 80’s scene. Disliked by all, including other bands, labels, fanzines and even his own band. He was known for attacking other singers of bands. He attacked Ian Mackaye from Minor Threat on their 83’ tour.
They were one of the meanest bands in there time,real fucken jerks along with Urban Assault, Sick Pleasure and the Lewd.
They also had a notorious following,like the fuckettes. They lived in the infamous squat the VATS.

They released their one legendary ep in 1982 called “FU-82”.Its a fuken classic!! with hate filled songs like “I think your shit”,”I hate You”,”Negative Reaction” Etc…They were also on a few comps like “We Got Power” in 1983 and they were on a comp. with GG. Some demos here and there also.

I Just Want You To Die


  1. A Fuckette works as an RN in the ER at several S.F. Bay area hospitals. She fucking cracks me up talking shit in her rough French accent about the DK's in her rough French accent as she smokes cigarettes in the ambulance bay.

    1. Very nice. Even better people can say "a Fuckette saved my life!"

  2. Seen Fuck Ups many times , I remember they played here one summer and it was so fuckin hot inside the KOC ... anyway Bobby N looked extra pissed that night , probably from the heat , great band ! Gotta love anyone who'd punch the father of SXE.