Friday, January 2, 2015

Mystery CD #1

So, a little while back I "inherited" a bunch of new cd's. Among these were several labeled simply as "classic punk". I was able to identify a good majority of the tunes but I'm now left with quite a number of tracks that I don't recognize. So if anyone out there wants to play along just download and listen. Then please let me know what you come up with. A note, most are either EP's or perhaps just loose tracks. Have fun!

Mystery #1
This features what I believe to be 7 different bands including:
1-One with a singer that sounds alot like Ray Cappo Antidote
2-A band that just has to be from early 80's L.A. Circle One
3-One fast hardcore band, possibly early 80's (?) Deathwish
4-The Descendents, right? But what? Descendents
5-Another fast hardcore band. For some reason I think '84 - '86 Jerry's Kidz
6-A band that kinda sounds like late period Dr. Know Genetic Control
7-A band that sounds very Youth Crew Last Rights


  1. Dear Doc.
    I think that first band, track 1-7 (i.e. 8 songs) is legendary N.Y.C.'s ANTIDOTE.
    It's a ANTIDOTE - "Thou Shalt Not Kill" EP from 1983.
    Second band is CIRCLE ONE, for shure track 9-12, probabli some old 7'' of Circle One (I think that you have some cd from them on you blog)...

  2. And yes "7-A band that sounds very Youth Crew" is pre-Slapshot era - original/first edition Last Rights "Chunks" EP (1984)!

  3. 28: Chunks. 29: So Ends Our Night. 30: Wasted Timed. All by Last Rights from Boston.

  4. Wow, Windows Player automatically identified the Antidote EP. Alas, nothing else.

  5. The Descendents songs are ..
    Your Face
    Doug Rides a Skateboard
    Recorded at Radio Tokyo Venice 1986
    From the boot "Still Hungry"

  6. 13: Break The Chains. 14: Tailgate. 15: Condemned. They are the Tailgate 7" by the Boston band Deathwish. Recorded in 1983. Don't think it came out until later though. I think they might be out of order as well.

  7. Jerry’s Kidz – Well Fed Society E.P. 7″ tracks 18-23

  8. Genetic Control ‎– First Impressions 7" ep tracks 24-28

  9. Actually, this reissue has all five songs

    1. The fifth track (Suburban Life) is from the Primitive Air Raid comp out of Montreal.