Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Kings Of Nuthin' - Punk Rock Rhythm & Blues

The Kings Of Nuthin' were a Boston band that I unfortunately didn't learn about until they were done. Have you heard these guys? Amazing! This album title sums up the sound as well as any words can. Here's how their label described them:

8 punks trying to re-create an authentic rock and roll sound, failing to do so, and inventing a very unique new sound.

If you haven't heard it yet please, do yourself a favor.

If I Were You I'd Hate Myself Too

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  1. How about that a Boston overlook, not uncommon with their long scene history (M-80's, Classic Ruins, the FLIES, Aerosmith (very early), the Primitons and on and on) from an early adaption with bands like this by gosh..".if I were you I'd hammer some too!" from song 2 how do you do!