Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ancient Chinese Penis - Envy Demo

Story-time again today. The setting is again quite some time ago. As with most young punks, tape trading was always the best way to hear new stuff. My brother and I continued this practice well into adulthood. But, while I was always a bit anal retentive with the stuff I sent him, he often just sent shit. I was lucky to have a band name in some cases. This is one of the cases in which all I had was a band name: Ancient Chinese Penis. I enjoyed the tracks a great deal but ultimately it languished on cassette until a couple years ago when I finally moved it to my computer. After a brief search for band info came up empty I kinda forgot about it. But while digging last month I rediscovered it and decided to post it. I figured I'd do one more search for band info. To my surprise up popped not only a complete band bio, but downloads of all their releases (two). The site: Terminal Escape. The author: an actual member of ACP. So check out the Wizard's blog for all band the info and further downloads. I'm only posting their Envy Demo today because it turns out that is the release I had on that cassette. And just so we're clear, since no covers were available I created the hauntingly beautiful artwork seen above myself. Don't blame the band for that nonsense! For now, enjoy early 90's Oklahoma fun punk.

Erma Bombeck Where Are You?


  1. Holy shite!! I have this demo, as well as their other one. Unfortunately, they are sitting in an attic back in the USA. I remember Tulsa had a really kicking scene. These guys, as well as another band called "Man With Gun Lives Here." Good stuff. While you're at it, look out for a band called "Tri-Rails." They were from Boca Raton, and I loved their tape... another one in the attic vault...

    1. I'll look for them Nukie. By the way, I've uploaded all your requests, just need to link them. I'll hopefully get that done today.

  2. I saw them live in Norman OK several times in the early 90s. Lot's of fun.