Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lagwagon - Duh

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  1. Man, in this album and Trashed, Lagwagon were so fucking awesome. The highlights here are Tragic Vision, Foiled Again, BURY THE HATCHET, Stop Whining and Noble End..... and yeah I guess Angry Days, but if you're gonna go with a slow song, I prefer Of Mind And Matter. Joey had a much more versatile vocal style here.

    Heard the re-release Dr? The second cd is fucking awesome, when they were a straight up hardcore band (Duh and Trashed, and I guess the last one Hang has elements of that), contains their 2 demos from when they were named Section 8. Which confuses me, I think there is another early 90's hardcore band called Section 8, I had an album by them I lost so long ago I think. But yeah, the second disk is fucking awesome, especially their first demo from 89 on that re-release of Duh.