Friday, December 23, 2016

Angry Snowmans - December Jukebox 7" + What Makes An Elf Build Toys?

And on the 12th Post Of Christmas your true drunk gave to you... two more Angry Snowman releases to round out your collection. Such a great band! We have the December Jukebox EP from 2013 (thanks Nenad!) and their 2015 EP that is equally brilliant.

The Angry Snowmans are here to tell you that Christmas isn't about buying shit and it sure as hell isn't about Jesus... It's about getting drunk, stuffing your face and having fun with your friends... THAT'S IT! 


  1. Thank you, you just made my day. Had been looking for "What makes an elf..." all over the net. I really enjoy these AS songs. Keep up the good work (work?!?) on your blog.
    Season greetings from southern France.

  2. most of their stuff is on the tune Gingerbread Home