Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Amazing Crowns - Holiday Bootleg EP

In the spirit of the season I present this month The Twelve Posts Of Christmas.

We start with what could have easily been included last month. The Amazing Crowns were a really fun rockabilly outfit from Rhode Island. This was a limited edition release and apparently quite rare at the time. I stumbled upon it back in the legal days of Napster. However, as a result, it's incomplete. Not only is it missing track 3 "1965 G.T.O.", I also don't have the "Holiday Greeting" that is at the beginning of the lone Christmas track. Sure, nowadays the entire thing is easily downloaded for a fee, but I'm far too much of a Scrooge to do that. So, can anyone complete this EP for me? If not, just enjoy what I got.

No Mistletoe, You Know We're Through


  1. I have the original copy somewhere. I'll track it down for you.