Monday, December 5, 2016

Fishbone - It's A Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)

So... what are your views on Fishbone? I think they were (are?) an AMAZING live act and a whole lot of fun. Here's their 1987 holiday release and it is... a whole lot of fun.

Cussin' And Coppin' And Playin' Punk Rock


  1. Good performers but never made it on records

  2. Ya put Mad Dog in my sock...I WANTED CANDY, I WANTED CANDY!! Has been a Christmas classic for me and an old friend around the holidays since it came out. Saw them on 'Bone in the USA" tour and many others but top performers always blowing me mind away! You gotta join up Afropunk and check out the like 20 minute video with HR from Bad Brains: Peace in the New Year Brotha Man!!!

  3. The Beastie Boys brought Fishbone and Murphy's Law to the masses on the Licensed To Ill tour, and Fishbone was the best of the three in terms of sheer musicality and energy. Fishbone's "Truth And Soul" is an underrated album.

    1. you are right .I have been a bit too harsh in my comment.