Friday, May 18, 2018

Crude S.S. - 1000 Dead Cops

D-Beat originated with, of course, Discharge. Swedish bands such as the great Crude S.S. began dropping the hammer in the early 80's. While the band might not be technically considered "crust", if nothing else they damn sure helped pave the way. This 1982 demo shows 'em how it's done.

Create Your Own Life


  1. Excellent choice with Crude SS, antoher Swedish band to look up is 3 Way Cum, especially the 7 inch Battle Of Opinions, A real highlight of Scandicore. Killing the life lp is also easily one of the full-lengths released during the 90 crust/rawpunk/crust/d-beat/kängcore wave.

  2. I'm going to get some 40's before I listen to this.