Friday, May 4, 2018

Napalm Death - Scum

Ok, I'll probably get flack right out of the gate here, because Napalm Death has been closely associated with extreme metal and grindcore. But, maybe it's because I'm an old fart, I dont' see much of a difference between grind and crust. At any rate, this 1987 release will absolutely peel paint.

As The Machine Rolls On


  1. One of the most important albums ever. Groundbreaking performance,both sides are good but my favorite must be side 1. Maybe its side 2 the next day because they are equally mindblowing. Some other bands i would like to see you post when it comes it crustpunk: Hiatus, Nausea, G-ANX, Destroy, Dom Där, Doom, Excrement of War, Sedition, Dissafect,Sacrilege. The list could be endless but these are some good ones.

  2. Well damn, I don't have many of those lined up. But you'll see a couple