Sunday, May 13, 2018

Nausea - Extinction

I'm guessing I'm not the only one here used to Nausea on a Sunday morning. This Nausea hails not from last night, but from the lower east side of NYC. And my friend Wiki tells me they helped pave the way for the American Crust scene. This is yet another band that I never listened to and now feel cheated. A really great release.

Inherit The Wasteland


  1. Are there no fans of this sub genre? I mean, I like hardcore, and pop punk as much as the next unaware floater, but it seems as though there are no fans this month?

    1. seems quiet, doesn't it? I was thinking the same thing

  2. No no it's just that in the spirit of crustiness i am laying around doing fuck all and can't really be bothered to make a comment. : )

  3. Love this album , but I enjoy a lot of different styles of music from around the world . I grew up around the ventura/Oxnard scene in 83 , spent time in Tulsa going to gigs in the 90s and spent I don't know how many years in the Bakersfield punk scene . Do you have anything from the Central Valley , imI trying to find stuff from Mindreal records especially The Acrylics . Enjoy checking on your blog on occasion to see what's new .

  4. Nausea were great -- the one "crust" band on legendary The Way It Is compilation on Revelation. Lead singer was married to Roger from Agnostic Front. Drummer wound up in Stone Sour!

  5. NOt sure whats up but the download site says the reCAPTCHA site is down or some shit...wont let me grab this one. maybe check it out or ???

  6. Awesome band! This record kicks ass! Original LP had a massive fold out cover - poster ala Crass. Drummer went on to play for Ozzy Ozz,Soulfly ,Stone Sour then Amebix wtf?