Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dead Kennedy's - Live At The Earth Tavern, Portland, OR 11.19.79

Wanna hear something depressing. This show happened 35 years ago today. THIRTY FIVE!!!! Damn we're getting old! Anyway, here's Jello and the boys doing what they do best. It's actually two shows from their 1979 trip to Portland. One for the kiddies and one for the grown ups. Jello is of course his obnoxiously clever self. Highly entertaining and good quality too. I just found out you can actually see video of at least the early show on youtube. Just search. Sorry I don't have the link. Link in comments.

Alternative Tentacles can prevent us from posting their DK releases, but they can't stop the bootlegs. At least I don't think so. Can they? Guess we'll find out.


  1. Thanks man. I know what you mean with AT, I've been itchin' to rip a few that won't go up..can't think of the name now.

  2. Here is video of this show: