Sunday, December 21, 2014

Angry Snowmans

Today I'm filling your stockings full of awesome! The Angry Snowmans are the greatest Christmas-themed punk rock cover band ever! Period! Haven't had the pleasure? Here's their description from bandcamp:

Disgruntled, displaced Elves of the North Pole who are telling the world about Santa's abusive practices by playing classic punk rock songs. Started in 2008, there is no end in sight. Grab an eggnog and get your ass under that mistletoe! Ho-Ho-Ho- Let's Go!

Don Weenow - Guitar
Miss Eltoe - Bass
Mr. Coalfire - Guitar
Boughs Of Pauly - Drums
Elise Navidad - Bells, Vocals
Saint Dick - Vocals

Support these guys! I really hope they don't mind me giving their stuff away, But it's truly some of the best stuff I've heard in a long time. Enjoy! And if I eventually have to take it down, go buy it!



  1. Dear Doc, thank for this great funy cover band!
    I think you miss one EP:

    Angry Snowmans - December Jukebox 7'' - 2013
    Link is>

    YOU NEED PASSWORD, FOR ALL: freepunk77

    1. Thank you Nenad!! I'll add that one here.

    2. You are welcome, Doc.
      Again: Thank you for let me know for this great Canadian cover band.

  2. Doc you think you can re-upload their albums to sendspace or zippy?

    1. I'm so lazy, El Lay. Head over to Free Punk For The Punx blog (
      They got 'em all on sendspace.

    2. Yeah i understand, and sweet thanks! Merry xmas.