Tuesday, December 11, 2012

M.F.D. - Self-Titled

Way back in April a guy named Brad asked for some M.F.D. Well, if you're still out there, here it is. I wasn't a huge fan of them back in the day, I guess because I thought I was just too hardcore! However, I tracked this down and gave it a new listen. Surprise, it's not a bad record at all! Give it a listen, why don't ya?

Have I told you the story about the one time I almost saw M.F.D.? They were opening for Social Distortion on their 'Prison Bound' Tour. I got there late, snuck in without paying and headed straight to the bathroom. Standing at the urinal next to some guy I broke the Men's Room Rule and talked to him. I asked who the band was that just finished on stage. "I Don't Know, M.F.D. or something" he said, wondering why he couldn't pee in peace. I kept at it, tho. I asked if I'd missed Social D. "unh, no!" he replied with quite the snotty tone. Damn, what a dick, I thought. Shortly after, that same "dick" hopped up on stage to sing for his band, Social Distortion. So yes, you hero unwittingly accosted and annoyed Mike Ness at a urinal. But at least I didn't break the most important Men's Room Rule. I didn't LOOK at the person peeing next to me!

Wonder Baby


  1. this is a brilliant combo and I love their sound and I have a few records (check my Blog which one), meanwhile extreme rare. Mid-tempo punk with a pinch of hardcore, that's always a reason to open up a beer at any time. Great Shot Doc!!!

    1. I'll head over and check that out. Thanks Devil!

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    1. You know, I've read your posts at Down Underground and a few other blogs you visit but I can never understand what you're talking about.

      Or what it has to do with the OP's post.

    2. You know I love you, Via, but I kinda have to agree with Shell Bush on this one!

  3. Yep, still here, like this band quite a bit, i think they weren't very popular because at the time they were around most bands were trying to see how fast they could play (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), and these guys were very mid tempo, i actually find that this stuff holds up better over time than a lot of music from the same era. Check out their other album Full Volume if you can find it, very decent as well.

  4. I did something similar at a Black Flag show when I asked Henry to sign a copy of one of his books and I gave him a pen with no ink. He threw it at me, got another and then scrawled a very irritated-looking signature in the book.