Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The G.R.I.M. - Getting Revenge In 'Merica

François gets the credit for this Mystic classic as well. I think this is a fantastic record. Here's some band info I lifted from their long-forgotten myspace page:

Raw sounds from Woodland Hill's. The Grim started in 1983 playing parties in the San Fernando Valley. Their music appeared on numerous compilation records released by Mystic Records. In 1984 Mystic released their self titled debut record known as the "orange album". You may have seen it as a back drop in the movie "Pretty In Pink". The Grim toured the country with NOFX, Scared Straight and others. Played with bands like Social Distortion, Bad Religon, Minutemen, Dr. Know, Killroy (They're playing again, let's all support them. You said you would if they ever got together again and now they did. Keep your word.), Dickies, Johnny And The Dingbats, Tourist, Aggression, Penny Wise, RF-7, Vandals, GBH (on their equipment), Black Mass, Descendents, Costic Notions, Insolence, Drowning Roses, Agression, Face To Face, M.I.A., RKL, No Use For A Name, Ill Repute, Slang, Transition, M.D., Blast!, Buglamp, Battalion Of Saints, Glue Gun, The Wallflowers, Circle Jerks, Bad Religon. The song, "Saipan Death March" by The Grim was one of the most requested songs on the Rodney On The ROQ show in 1984. In 1986 Mystic Records released a Super Seven Inch record featuring 4 songs by The Grim recorded in a television studio, entitled "Live To Die". In 1987 The Grim recorded an album for Mystic that was eventually released on Alchemy Records called The Grim "Face Of Betrayel". In 1988 Mystic released a live 7 inch of The Grim "Live At Fenders". In 2000 The Grim played a charity event which led to a show with Weezer and Blink 182 on New Years Eve at the Cox Arena in front of a crowd of 8,500. The Grim just played Weber's in Reseda in July 2010 and are playing in Long Beach on September 25th 2010.

Death March

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