Monday, December 17, 2012

The Meatmen - War Of The Superbikes II

After the original Meat Boys split Tesco took his show on the road. And in the mid 80's the Meatmen took a decidedly heavier turn. War Of The Superbikes was originally released in 1985 and kicks just as much ass as any other slab o' meat. Bon apetit. Since it's the season of giving and all that other crap I've posted the 1996 re-release, "Superbikes II" which has like 10 extra songs. You're welcome!

Plague Upon The Earth


  1. My alltime Fav Band. And White Flag.

    1. Hell yeah! Hard to deny they're one of, if not THE best! Have you heard the White Flag/Tesco collaboration 7"?