Saturday, September 28, 2013

BCT Update

Well, we've now come to an end of our BCT run. I'd like to once again thank everyone that helped me find all of these. And I'm going to keep searching for the missing tapes. If you're keeping score at home, here are the tapes I'm still searching for:

BCT #6 - Last White Christmas I
BCT #9 - Terveet Kädet: Knock-Out
BCT #14 - Tropical Viruses #1
BCT #15 - Tropical Viruses #2
(*Editors Note: I Just Received The Vinyl Version Of Tropical Viruses)
BCT #17 - Raw Power: Live in the U.S.A.
BCT #20 - Injections Tape
BCT #21 - Kaaos Zine Presents
BCT #24 - Car Crash Music
BCT #26 - Barabbas Records
BCT #27 - Experience the Freedom of Total Control


  1. Glad you received tropical viruses mate

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  3. Just got sent to yer site. Glad to see so many BCT tapes posted. Hope they're still here.

  4. i guess most or all the bct tapes aren't here any longer. bummer. i started a chris bct facebook page this year and have been able to hook back up with a buncha old punx who got bct tapes from me and my bct partners back in the 80's and 90's and people i traded with. is the day of bct tapes being posted on here over? hope not. it was always about sharing the music for cheap. free is pretty cheap. cool.

    1. Truly and honor, sir! Honestly I was worried what you'd think if you ever came across my corner of the web. I have to say, thanks for being so cool. And really, thanks for all the hard work you did back in the day. I'll re-up these but I've since managed to collect all 27 releases, mostly thanks to my buddy ash. And, 'spoiler alert', I was planning on having a BCT month early next year, with your approval of course.