Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rattus - Finnish Hardcore - BCT #8

Leaving Italy for now, BCT took a trip to Finland for the next two cassette releases. BCT #8 is a great collection of demo and live tracks from Rattus. BCT #9 is a collection from Terveet Kädet. Unfortunately that is the 2nd hole in my BCT collection. So if anyone out there has tape #9 the Dr. Drunk family would appreciate the help.



  1. Thanks for all the BCT comps, i'm looking forward to #10 (I'm Buck Naked) I've been searching for that for a while.

    Any chance of re-upping the Violation/Zero Mentality - Maine H.C. demo?

    Thanks again, Doc.

    1. Thanks Tyler, my pleasure. I'll re-up the Maine HC tonight, but you're gonna have to keep your clothes on until tomorrow for the bct #10!

    2. hey Tyler, the Maine HC is up again.