Wednesday, September 4, 2013

V/A - First Strike - BCT #1

Here's a quick re-post to introduce the road we're traveling down the rest of this month. A couple months ago I posted this first release from Bad Compilation Tapes and explained my desire to locate any and all other BCT releases. Many good people read this and sent me links or files to a lot of the series. We still have some holes, which you'll undoubtedly notice along the way, but I think there's enough here to share. And on a side note, if Chris BCT is out there somewhere and doesn't like the idea of free sharing some 30 years later just let me know and I guess I'll have to (sadly) stop the posting. But until then, what's mine is yours.

First Strike

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  1. Brilliant stuff - well done and thank you.
    I always used to lust after these as a kid, but being in the UK they were difficult to get!