Friday, November 15, 2013

Belching Penguin - Demos 1985-1988

Florida has had a rich hardcore history. Belching Penguin fits right in. Great hardcore here. They released one LP but also had these demos laying around. At some point they were put on vinyl, and then some time later I downloaded it from a blog. And there we have it. Good band, good demo.

Dead People Can't Drive


  1. I remember those guys - but then I am from Florida. A guy living in the dorm room next to mine at the University of Florida was friends with the band and he gave me a crappy copy of the demos but time has since eaten all my cassettes.

    I preferred Maggot Sandwich myself, but that's probably because I was from Pensacola.

    1. I never heard a lot of Maggot Sandwich. Heard of them, tho. Great name.