Saturday, November 23, 2013

J.F.A. - Brian's Garage Demo

Here's a very early, and very rough demo from the great Jodie Foster's Army recorded, presumably, in drummer Brian's garage. Four great songs.

Trashing People Is So Much Fun


  1. What year do you think this recording is from? '83?

    1. Good to hear from you again, Broot. The info I have says '83.

    2. That's what I thought. I was working to figure out what was the first SkateCore recording about skateboarding or with skating in the title. If it wasn't "Skateboard" by JFA then it would have to be 2 years earlier with "Skateboard Insanity" from Gilligan's Revenge '81 Boombox Demo. Here's all their recorded input I could find along with info about the band. Members would go on to form the seminal NY SkateCore band, Token Entry.