Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Black Flag - The Complete 1982 Demos + More

Black Flag. So here's a brief, and possibly wildly inaccurate, history of early 80's Flag. Dez is tired of singing and becomes rhythm guitarist. They recruit some guy named Henry to complete the vocals for the masterpiece 'Damaged'. However, an UGLY and lengthy lawsuit ensued, preventing the band from releasing anything under the Black Flag name. They skirted this by releasing 'Everything Went Black' which has lots of demo tracks from earlier in the bands history. They also continued writing and recorded a few tracks, which would remain unreleased. By 1984 Dez was gone with his 2nd guitar, and both Chuck's were gone, Dukowski with his nasty-heavy bass, and Biscuits with his historic drums. Future releases have been scrutinized ever since. However, these sessions were released some time in the 90's. They contain a couple never-before released tunes as well as several tracks that ended up on future Black Flag releases. The 'Plus More' on this version is a couple live in studio tracks and interview from 1984.

You're One Of Them

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