Thursday, June 30, 2016

Minutemen - What Makes A Man Start Fires?

We end the month with the Minutemen and their second "full length", though still fairly short. I liked, and even owned a couple of their early 7"s back in the day. But to be honest I never really appreciated them. How damn foolish! The Minutemen were a GREAT band.

I'm Loaded With Rocket Fuel


  1. Good idea. I've got the 3 CD's Post Mersh vol. 1 ,2 ,3 and cassette of "My First Bells" plus a vinyl boot of them I posted long ago. Perhaps time to revisit and post the CD's.

  2. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs!!!!!!!!!!!Although My Favorite Minutemen song is History Lesson Part 2(not on this record)....Our Band Could Be your Life!!!!!!!!

  3. great songs...cut, ain't talking bout love, political song for michael jackson to sing etc... i wasn't sure about them until seeing them live a couple of times then it all fell into place: high energy personal-political songs delivered with honesty, conviction, and originality in short, sharp, blasts; d.boon stage diving as if he couldn't contain his excitement and just had to - they tore it up. after that the vinyl made sense. thanks for sharing!

    1. D Boon stage diving? That's almost as bad a Jerry A from Poison Idea stage diving. And he broke his leg in several places doing that.