Saturday, June 4, 2016

Vandals - When In Rome Do As The Vandals

File this under "How The Hell Haven't I Posted This Yet?!?" The Vandals classic second release, from 1985. And the last to feature the vocal stylings of Stevo. Stevo passed away in 2005, so that makes 3 posts in a row with death notices. Honestly not an intended theme. Just the way it worked out this time.

I Thought They'd Play The Cowboy Song

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  1. Ha ha I guess we can try to see some humor in getting 'stuck' with a theme. Last week I posted the band Harmless and they had a beautiful song about the Hiroshima Maidens that came to the USA in the fifties timing with Obama's visit to Japan somewhat and then the inside sales tech I work with discovering he gets sore sitting all day in the chair because he has classic symptoms and describes it according to another song on the HARMLESS LP called 'All Gut No Butt" which is what he just told me. Ha ha, psychic friends network must really be lit up! Sorry old joke. "But then on came the last days of May and the sun was but a dot and we hadn't seen a cop around all day---what luck!" B.O.C. and kudos to yer bro' in heaven
    Vidleago patch