Friday, June 3, 2016

White Flag - S Is For Space

White Flag originated sometime around 1982 and kept their punk flame burning basically non-stop. That is, at least until the untimely death of punk legend Pat Fear in 2013. Not sure what the future holds, but the past still kicks ass. Here's one of their earliest releases.

Surrender Now


  1. Stupid Question: why no track 4 (the info file for that is blank)? Thanks.

    1. Stupid Answer: I guess the file I had found didn't include that track for some reason. And I didn't even notice! Sorry about that.

  2. Bill Bartell, the only guy I ever got to know from Greenland and boy was he an encylopedia about christian religion and the can be seen in that TATOR TOTZ band he was in with some Redd Kross members and others.