Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Before I Hang - Mississippi

We're going to spend a little time with the Confederacy of Scum now. That loose-knit band of punk rock outlaws have put out some great stuff over the years. Never heard of the CoS? Well here's what Hellstomper (we'll get to them soon enough) singer Alan The Goddamn King has to say about it:

"For some reason, all you silly little pricks with your fucked up haircuts still think that we are playing for you. You're wrong. Damn wrong. Hell, we play for rednecks, truck drivers, and white trash. Our male fans have moustaches and our female fans wear tube tops!"

We start in Mississippi, with Before I Hang. Originally formed in 1991 and still going strong today. Mean and aggressive southern hardcore.

There's Trouble Down Here In Dixie


  1. I hope to see the almighty Cocknoose posted then...

    1. For some strange reason I wasn't planning on it. Now I gotta! Stay tuned...