Friday, May 26, 2017

Cocknoose - White Trash Messiahs

Full disclosure, for some unknown reason I wasn't going to include Cocknoose this month. But, 'Harder' brought it up and dammit, they belong just as much as anyone. The pride of Lawrence, Kansas. This is their last full length release and my favorite. Sadly, we lost their great vocalist Commander P.P. Urino in 2013, so I'm guessing there will be no reunion. Bass heavy scum punk, the way yo mama likes it! Git yoself sum!

There's A Full Moon In Kansas Tonight!


  1. Hell ya....from KS myself and knew these guys. My band opened for them once. They were just brutal compared to other bands in the area.

  2. Full disclosure, I have no idea who a few of these entries are. Though, I have been presently surprised.

  3. I bought a 7" off one of these dudes at a Bikini Kill show at the Outhouse. I still have it 25 years later. He gave me a beer also. I was 15.