Monday, May 1, 2017

Supersuckers - Must've Been High

So, I've been considering doing this for some time now. A trip down south. Not geographically, but musically. Don't worry, I promise you the only time I'll ever write the name Toby Keith is in this very sentence! We'll still be punk. Just with some country, folk or southern influences. So this month, our blog is American By Birth, Southern By The Grace Of Whatever Non-Existent Supreme Being You Choose.

We start with the Greatest Rock N Roll Band In The World. They're not the greatest Country Band In The World yet, but they're working on it. They started in the late 80's as a punk band. The early 90's added more 'rock' elements. They in 1997 they dipped their boots in the Country pool with this release. And they've been mixing 'em all together ever since.

You Got The Supersucker Drive-By Blues

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