Friday, November 11, 2011

Capitol Punishment - Self-Titled 7"

Capitol Punishment was a hardcore band out of Fresno, CA. I first heard them on the incredible Maximum Rock 'N' Roll comp, 'Not So Quiet On The Western Front', and sought out any releases. At the time this was it. The straight ahead hardcore tunes with mega-gruff vocals. The 4th song 'Jody Is My Bloody Love' is a slow, bizarre 5 minute love song from John Hinckley to Jody Foster. Capitol Punishment went on to release several LPs and EPs thru their ultimate demise in 1995. Ralph, the original singer, left the band in '88. They continued with several other singers from '88 to '95. The music stayed consistent, but in my opinion this remained their best.

I'm Going In The Wrong Direction


  1. Damn it, this link is broken. I have been looking for this album since mine got stolen back in the 90s