Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Human Sufferage - Thank You, Mother Dear E.P.

 Another band I know very little about. I know they were out of Ohio and I believe this was their second and final release. A good L.P. of straight ahead early 80's hardcore. Hey Big Guy and Results stick out as favorites, and the title track is sincere and a point of view rarely heard in hardcore. Worth a listen.

Fair Warning For All(fixed)


  1. the fella on vocals played with the Crucifucks from 1981-1984, and did Blight with Tesco, and also worked with the Fix...he now currently handles the bass duties for the band i'm in now [which Tesco named]

    1. That's cool. That's some good bands there. What's your band now? What do they sound like? Thanks for commenting, by the way.