Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Verbal Abuse - Just An American Band

Verbal Abuse formed in Texas in '81, but are better known for their S.F. 'Vat Rat' days ('82 - '84). Singer Nicki Sicki and Dave Chavez scraped up the ashes of their previous band Sick Pleasure, laced it with inhuman amounts of speed and alcohol, and ended up with a chunk of hardcore history. 'Leeches', 'Social Insect', 'Disintegration'. 'Free Money', shit EVERY track is a classic! But as soon as it started it was gone. Nicki left the band, they all grew their hair and ended up releasing 'VA Rocks Your Liver' in '86. While not a horrible album, it's NOT the same band. But all's well that ends well I guess. After pulling 8 years in a Texas prison Nicki and Dave are back together touring and recording.
This is actually the reissue version which includes some tracks recorded live in '84.

Enjoy this one, because you won't find much better!

Society Hates Me, That's O.K.

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