Friday, November 18, 2011

Rebels & Infidels - Corporate Picnic

 Here's another band that I know absolutely nothing about. So I'll steal a MRR review of this album I found on KFTH:

REBELS AND INFIDELS provide some sharp, almost nihilistic satire to complement their mixed-tempo compositions, but it's the thrashers that really stand out here. The piledriving "Last Rites" and "American Citizen" (as well as their theme song) offer both excitement and food for thought, and the off-beat production emphasizes this band's raw "live" qualities. Solid and creditable.
-Steve Spinali, from MRR, 1984

A funny story behind this one. I was at a party at this girls house that I didn't know. I wasn't having a particularly great time. I did however, find a couple cassettes laying around. One was a UK Subs comp tape, the other had this LP and the Exploited. I decided they would never be missed by the complete stranger. I had never heard of Rebels & Infidels but immediately liked it, and listened to it quite often. A month or two later a bunch of people were hanging out and this one friend of mine asked for the keys to my car so he could make time with this chick. I said sure. Turns out she was the girl that had the party, and as luck would have it the R&I tape was in the car. Needless to say she saw it and took back what was rightfully hers. Some of the songs remained stuck in my head but I was never able to hear the album again. That is, until I stumbled upon it on the great blog Down Underground. And now it's once again a part of my collection.

As far as I can tell this is their only release. There is a pretty good Demo floating around, tho.

You Got 'Em, Use Your Brains

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