Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Raw Power - Wop Hour 7"

One of Italy's finest hardcore exports, Raw Power. Brothers Muaro & Giuseppi Codeleppi started the band back in 1981. This, I believe, was their first US released 7" That same year ('85) they also released the LP 'Screams From The Gutter' stateside, followed by 'After Your Brain' in '86. They continued releasing and touring throughout the 90's and up until Guiseppe's death in 2002. Mauro has apparently gotten them back together and have them touring again.

For my money, this 7" is Raw Power at their best.Four blistering tracks of raw hardcore with just a hint of the metal that would show up in later releases.

You Are The Victim

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  1. Whew, 4 songs in just a little over 5 minutes! Gotta say my fave RAW POWER release is their "Screams From The Gutter" LP, and the biggest bang for yr buck is Westworld's CD re-issue of said album combined w/ "After Your Brain"... although I'd much rather have the original vinyl. Cheers!