Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sic F*cks - Self-Titled E.P.

Born from the cesspool of late 70's NYC. Singer Russell Wolinski and beautiful sisters Tish & Snooky collided to form quite the glam punk train wreck. With lyrics such as: 'Insects rule my world, and I can't find a girl' and 'Chop chop chop up your mother, use her for meat. Chop chop chop up your mother, don't use her feet' how could you possibly go wrong? A good, and humorous, record but supposedly pales in comparison to their live shows, which featured among other things, Tish & Snooky dressed as slutty nuns. The band didn't last too long, but apparently they've been known to get together for reunion shows now and again. The girls have made quite the name for themselves in the 'punk rock fashion' world. Check out for the whole story as well as some awesome pics of the 70's NY scene.

Rock Or Die

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