Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Meat Puppets - Self-Titled

Here's a slab of Arizona sludge. The Meat Puppets began in 1980 as a hardcore band. They released a 7" in 1981 which I haven't heard and this LP in 1982. Frenetic music and bizarre vocals resulted in an interesting and unique sound. Funny story, I loaned this record to a friend many years ago who made a tape of it. He then told me he listened to it a few times but didn't really like it. Some time later we were listening to a tape I made of it and he said that it was cool, who was it? I said it was the record I loaned him. He didn't recognize it because apparently he taped it on the wrong speed and didn't know. That should tell you something about what this LP sounds like. I still have no idea how they got from here to HERE.

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