Friday, April 20, 2012

Toxin III - I Rock I Ran 7"

Toxin III hail from Crowley, Looozana! That doesn't stop them from making a good punk rock record. Here's a blippit from their facebook page:

We went into the studio to obvious resistance from the studio manager! "What kind of crap is this?" He queried after the first song. I quickly pointed out to him that he had my money (paying in advance is very empowering) and he had no say as to what we recorded, so get the fuck out of here and leave us and the engineer to do our recording. Needless to say we achieved the first and only released Toxin III recordings. I even sang on the last microphone that Hank Williams sang on, and to me, that is REAL PUNK! Every song was recorded live and un-edited, until the remix session weeks later! Now enjoy or fuck off, this is what we did.

They also released a CD in '02 with all their recorded material.

How Long Can You Beat A Dead Horse?

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