Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mortal Micronotz - Self-Titled

The Micronotz formed in Lawrence, Kansas in 1980. They became quite influential in their original 6 year run. They released 3 full lengths an 2 E.P.'s in that time, this being the first from 1982. I can't speak about their other releases but this one is a really good punk rock record. Download and enjoy!

Old Lady Sloan, Chewin' On A Bone


  1. Nice! Also I haven't seen any Minutemen. Some of the e.p.'s are hard to find aren't they? I only say this, because I've gotten back into them after watch the "We Jam Econo" documentary on netflix. At any rate, thank you for posting some good shit.

  2. Yeah, I got some Minutemen around here somewhere. I'll try to post some this weekend.