Saturday, April 21, 2012

Violation/Zero Mentality - Maine H.C. Split Demo

Two bands. 29 songs. 32 minutes. A really good split demo by 2 fast hardcore bands. Released in 1983 it's the only output from either band. It suffers a bit from poor quality but still deserves a place in your collection.

Maine H.C.


  1. Hey, thanks for uploading this! Glenn Bateman (drummer of Zero Mentality) is my brother and all we have are old hazy cassette tapes of his drumming. This recording is far better--thanks again.

    1. Lee! Glad you found this page as well!!

  2. Any possibility of reuploading?

  3. This tape is great. I am from and live in Bangor, Maine. Cool to think that when I was a little kid who was ripping the heads off of my Star Wars figures and burying them in the sandbox and idolizing Michael Jackson (ugh!!!), the guys in Zero Mentality were crank out killer punk noise 20 minutes away!

  4. Oh yeah.. all these guys were friends and hero's as a teen.. miss those days.. the music.. the shows..the pigpile..when 20 minutes of music 20 cigarettes and beers where a lifetime and all that mattered ...wonder about the others.. like big house.. shark attack...dva..white death.. etc from that time ????...thanks for the memories get the fuck outta that pool.. cause.. there's no swimming in this pool !!!!

  5. I know you re-posted this before... buttttt.. pretty please to re-post again?